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  Registered with Beijing Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce ,Beijing Ayi Housekeeping Service Company ,Ltd .was founded in early 2003 with independent corporate capacity .We porovid various professional housekeeping and cleaning service for foreign families in Beijing ,local families with middle and high –level income,foreign embassies and foreign enterprises in Beijing .Our quality service and managrment have won us a high reputation among the people from abroad .With the membership system that features our service,we have so far had hundreds of families as our members and 90%of them come from abroad .Some news media have carried newscast on our services,like CCTV,Beijing TV Station and the English Channel of Beijing People’s Radio .

  Actuated by our management concept of integrity and our service philosoph integrity and our service philosophy of commitment to clients ,we are proud of our reliable quality service.Besides the said full-service ,we are responsible for the administration,insurance andphysical check-up of our staff as well,and professional training programs carried by some specialists are given to our staff on a regular basis,so as to relieve you from all the worries at your home.We are confident that with our consistent efforts,we will be well positioned to provide perfect services for you .