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Membership system
1 Reliable housekeepers are available at all times ,and members may rest assured of their quality services.
2 Members will become our permanent members once the membership fees are paid .
3 Change of the housekeeper is free of charge for our members with the service .
4 In case there is a language barrier between a member’s family and the housekeeper ,free interpretation service will be provided.
5 Members are entitled to have our other items of service at discounted rates.
6 Special housekeeping advisers shall be appointed for providing related advice and service for our members.

Perfect management
1 All of our housekeepers shall go through strict pre-job training before performing their works .
2 On-job training shall also be given to our housekeepers.
3 Our newly recruited housekeepers shall undergo some survey on their family and relative background for the purpose of making their credibility assured.
4 Our housekeepers shall go through health checkups each year.
5 All of our housekeepers shall be insured against personal accidents to let you free of worries .

Service promise
Our Ayi have been trained in their specialized fields with much experience in housekeeping or childcare services as a result.
Our Ayi have regular physical checkups every year.
With our Ayi's insurance against personal accidental injuries.You may rest assured that you'll be free of worries from what we care.
Our Ayi are trained regularly in the courses for housekeeping and childcare skills as well as for daily English communications.
We will replace any Ayi at your request with no preconditions added.
Free interpretation service for members.
Our Ayi are also our staff members and you won't have to find them some new work when you leave China.
If your house or child is not attended to by our Ayi.You can simply enjoy our.
services only on a tiny monthly service fee.
If the members want to promote to a higher membership level,you may just
pay the price difference and then you can enjoy the more service as well.